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Kyle has always been partial to a cold one…

It started with some fairly hectic nights out during his Pro-Rugby days in the nineties… but he’d be the first to admit that no bright ideas were hatched back then. A few years down the track, the beer flowed a little slower as he wisened up and got involved in the construction industry.

Kyle’s garage became the Friday Night spot – affectionately dubbed the ‘K-Bar’. It was mostly a space for having a laugh and letting off steam, but also an opportunity to get around anyone who was struggling. For many guys, being able to unwind and offload after an intense week on the job (or at home) wasn’t just nice… it was needed.

Of course, the arrival of a new type of Corona meant that socialising came to a crashing halt. Not just for Kyle’s crew – for everyone. The lockdowns came in waves, and the rules for going to bars changed faster than you could put a mask on. To be fair, the restrictions were just the final nail in the coffin. From lengthy queues to power-tripping bouncers and extortionately priced drinks … the prospect of actually going into town had become as appealing as a ‘cup of cold sick’.

Kyle Portia 1

In his down time, Kyle began to see if he could wrangle a solution – a kitset bar. This time round, it wouldn’t be just for his place, but for backyards across the country. He reckoned it had to be light enough for two or three people and simpler to put together than an IKEA flat-pack. Kyle’s partner Portia pitched some clever suggestions … which, in typical male fashion, he took on as his ‘own’ ideas. Finally, after a bit of tinkering in his backyard, the first prototype was built; it turned out surprisingly well and is now sitting pretty in Stoke Brewery Garden Bar, Nelson.

The second prototype – built for Highlander legend Brendan ‘Chainsaw’ Laney – was better still. With simpler fixings, a fool-proof base-plate, and tidier bar leaner supports, the Backyard Bar 2.0 was undeniably good. So good, in fact, that Kyle and Portia put it together in 60 minutes… they reckon that’s about 3 beers start to finish.

So far, it seems that people are thirsty for the backyard bar – this is Kiwi ingenuity that people can get behind! Whether you’re putting on a big ‘do’ or just hosting the odd family BBQ, the Backyard Bar was made for YOU. Say “no” to spenny nights on the town, “hell no” to sub-par backyard set-ups … and “cheers” to drinks at yours.

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"With the re-vamp of our outdoor area at McCashin's Taproom we wanted a way to serve our customers without the long walk to the bar inside. The Backyard Bar fits the purpose perfectly! It was very easy to assemble and has power for a fridge to store ice & cold drinks. It's great for us as we can close it up at the end of the night, lock it and walk away! Thanks Kyle and the team at Backyard Bars. "

The team at McCashin’s Brewery Taproom

"The Backyard Bar. Wow what a great idea. When I talked to Kyle about getting one made in my backyard, he couldn’t be more helpful and giving with ideas to make it work. Cool designs to pick from as well. The delivery process was easy as and the fun part was putting it all together with a few mates. The finished product is great, and I’ve had an awesome time “opening the bar” and inviting friends 'round for a few. Looks great in my backyard and I couldn’t be happier. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the service and what you get. Go for it and enjoy yourself like I am."

Brendan ‘Chainsaw’ Laney

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