Backyard Bars Christchurch


What tools do I need to build the Backyard Bar?

Ladder, electric/ battery drill, level. If using Nurospikes, a sledgehammer. If digging pile holes, a spade.

What does the Backyard Bar come with?

Everything you need to build your very own backyard bar. Optional extras that can be purchased include:
• Lights: Outdoor Festoon String Light with 6 LED Filament Bulbs (Black 10m)
• Shelf: 1 timber shelf (pre-cut) and 2x angle brackets (black)
• Outlet’s: Internal Double RCD socket & External caravan outlet
• Illuminated Sign: Personalised round bar sign

Do I need building consent?
The bar is small in size, so no consent is needed.
How does it arrive?

It arrives flat-packed delivered to your house with a pallet jack.

How big is the Backyard Bar?

The dimensions are:
• Base: 2.4 x 1.2m (external)
• Height: 2.3m (at highest point)
• Roof: 2.4 x 1.8m (incl 0.6m overhang)
• Bar leaner: 2.4 x 0.8m (when extended)

What is the Backyard Bar made of?

The backyard bar is lined with ply and clad with shadowclad® ply and the roof is made of corrugated zinc.

How long will it take for my Backyard Bar to arrive?
The production/order timeframe is 2 weeks. Delivery is 1 week with standard shipping. This gives a total of 3 weeks from order to arrival!
How do I hire one?

Simply fill out your details here and we will get back to you to lock in your hire.

What foundations can my Backyard Bar be assembled on?

The bar can be assembled on grass, soil, concrete or other hard surfaces.

• Grass or soil
• Nurajack spikes: Hammer 6 nurajack spikes into the ground. Simple.
• ‘Zero-effort’ option: give the guys at Stop Digging a call and they’ll put in some ground screws for you (link)

• Concrete or hard surfaces
o Nurajacks: Place 6 standard nurajack pads on the ground – easy as.

• Alternatively, you can go old school by purchasing piles and concrete. Dig holes and concrete-in-place 6 piles – the traditional way.

Can I have power hooked up to my Backyard Bar?
Yes, as an added extra. All you need is a caravan power lead. Alternatively, use a certified electrician.
Do I need to be a builder to put my Backyard Bar together?
No, any DIY’er can do it. you will receive easy to follow written instructions.
What colours could my Backyard Bar come in?

Dark, white, and natural

Can I paint my Backyard Bar myself?
Yes, but the prices remain the same.
Can my Backyard Bar be moved once assembled?
Yes, the Backyard Bar can be packed down in the reversed order of assembly, then reassembled.
Can my Backyard Bar be locked?
Yes. The bar leaner closes up and is latched from the inside. The door has a gate pad bolt, which can be locked using a padlock.
How do I care for my Backyard Bar?
Always close up the bar leaner and door, as the internal linings are untreated and do not like rain. The exterior can be cared for the same way you care for your home – washed each year to remove build-up of salt deposits, bird droppings, mould, and other contaminants that can interact with the surface coating. Repainting should be scheduled every 7-10 years.
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"With the re-vamp of our outdoor area at McCashin's Taproom we wanted a way to serve our customers without the long walk to the bar inside. The Backyard Bar fits the purpose perfectly! It was very easy to assemble and has power for a fridge to store ice & cold drinks. It's great for us as we can close it up at the end of the night, lock it and walk away! Thanks Kyle and the team at Backyard Bars. "

The team at McCashin’s Brewery Taproom

"The Backyard Bar. Wow what a great idea. When I talked to Kyle about getting one made in my backyard, he couldn’t be more helpful and giving with ideas to make it work. Cool designs to pick from as well. The delivery process was easy as and the fun part was putting it all together with a few mates. The finished product is great, and I’ve had an awesome time “opening the bar” and inviting friends 'round for a few. Looks great in my backyard and I couldn’t be happier. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the service and what you get. Go for it and enjoy yourself like I am."

Brendan ‘Chainsaw’ Laney