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Backyard Bars Christchurch

The Details:

How big is the bar:

We re-drew and re-built The Backyard Bar until we got the perfect dimensions. It’s comfortable for a couple of people inside, without taking up too much valuable real estate outside. Here’s what we came up with:

Base: 2.4 x 1.2m (external)
Height: 2.3m (at highest point)
Roof: 2.4 x 1.8m – (incl 0.6m overhang)
Bar leaner: 2.4 x 0.8m (when extended)

Foundation Options:

We wanted to make sure you can set up your Backyard Bar in the perfect spot, so we’ve made it compatible with several foundation options. You can pick which is right for you, and we’ll supply the materials with your kit.

Grass or soil:
Nurajack spikes: hammer into ground 6 nurajack spikes. Simple.
‘Zero-effort’option: give the guys at Stop Digging a call and they’ll put in some ground screws for you.

BackYardBars 01
K Bar Sign 2
K Bar Sign 1

Concrete or hard surfaces
Nurajacks: place on ground 6 standard nurajack pads – easy as.

Alternatively, you can go old school by purchasing piles and concrete. Dig holes and concrete-in-place 6 piles – the traditional way.

Optional Extras:

The Backyard Bar is beaut as is, but there are a few additional items you can add to your order if you want to take it to the next level.

Lights: Outdoor Festoon Stright Light with 10 LED Filament Bulbs (Black 4.05m)

Shelf: 1 hardwood timber shelf (pre-cut 140mm w x 20mm thick x 2.1m long) & 3 black angle brackets (to be positioned in a place of your choice during assembly)

Power: Internal double RCD socket & External caravan outlet- so you can plug in your fridge or lights to an outdoor power point

LED Strip Lights: Plug & play LED strip light- to be positioned in a place of your choice during assembly (2.1m long)

Illuminated Bar Sign: Personalised round bar sign. Image can either be pre-selected with your own bar name in the font pictured. This is either a black font with a white background or white font with a black background. Or you can email us your own logo at a quoted cost (e.g. the K-Bar sign).

Upgrade to USB: The USB charging point is on the internal power socket

Exterior Outlet: Ideal for your customisable illuminated bar sign

Door side: When looking at the bar from the front

The Delivery

Production/ order time frame: 2-3 weeks
Delivery timeframe: Standard shipping- 1 week
Please note, if you have a rural address, the order will be shipped to your nearest freight depot, for you to arrange to your front door

How do you set up the bar:
When purchased, written and video instructions are sent.

Backyard Bars Christchurch

The Set-up

  1. Grab a mate or two (and some bevvies)
  2. Install your chosen foundation gear, depending on your backyard situation.
  3. Set aside the roof, back wall, side panels and bar leaner so that your floor is accessible.
  4. Lift the floor unit into place.
  5. Lift the first wall panel into the position marked and screw in place.
  6. Continue with remaining wall panels until all walls are in place and screwed down/together
  7. Lift one roof panel into place and screw down. Lift the other panel into place and screw down
  8. Screw in bar leaner, and attach leaner chains.
  9. Hang lights and attach shelf (optional) and decorate till she’s a showstopper.
  10. Invite the rest of your mates round for a bar-christening ‘do’.
Thesetup 2